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7thS: Zapspring+Dartchiller by ZeeDiKay 7thS: Zapspring+Dartchiller by ZeeDiKay
Back by popular demand...

Behold! This is my entry for this year's Seventh Sanctum contest, Evil and Company. I ended up geting Zapspring for the Evil Name Generator and Dartchiller for the Dark Minion Generator. Of course being me, I don't think I fit the requirements that well...

Zapspring Zeota is a young god in training and son of the Albanian god of the universe. Of course with that title to live up to, he was bound to become the embodiment of chaos, and electricity. After an event so awespiringly shocking that I don't know what it is, he is sent to the small and unknowing town of... Woodstock. Yes, Woodstock. With his unwilling servant, a ice giant called Dartchiller, Zaps attempts to control the town, and eventually, the world. Will he succeed? Will the senior Gods N'Ingy (Ingy for shorts) and Loup find the rebelious youth and keep it all a secret? And what role does the goddess in training Scorpia have in all of this? All these questions and more are answered in... somethng I probably will never get to.

Additional Generators and their results:
Greek Styled Name Generator:

Lovecraftian Name Generator:
Igny, N'Igny

Deity Generator:
This god of the forge takes the form of a elderly man with the traits of a wolf. He is very tall and has a boyish build. He is usually portrayed as wearing an artistic outfit and various talismans.

This happy goddess of culture takes the form of an adult woman. She has a leggy build. Her round eyes are sky-blue. She has tanned skin. Her outfit is that of an archivist, and it is mostly orange in color. She also wears a diadem. She carries a satchel of books.

This goddess of artisans takes the form of a young woman with the traits of a scorpion. She is tall and has an hourglass build. She is usually portrayed as wearing a sexy uniform. She carries a guidebook.

Links for the other gods will be put up soon.
DragonScholar Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2008
Putting it up tonight!
ZeeDiKay Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2008  Student General Artist
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March 5, 2008
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