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About Varied / Student Uh... YeahFemale/United States Groups :iconthe-discarded-oct: The-Discarded-OCT
For all the lost OCs.
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She actually posts things! Amazing!
I managed to pull myself back onto Deviantart after about a few months. Mostly, I've been putting my work (and attention) to my Tumblr, so if you haven't caught up with it, here it is!

Basically, the past few year's been me dealing with school, friends, growing up... the typical early 20s experience. I know I probably should start cleaning up over here, but my time management's a little rusty. Maybe I'll start over again over here and get a little more social. Who knows? I've been using this place to scope out OCTs lately, so I might take the opportunity to dip a little into those more if I have the time and energy to do so. (And who knows how long's my Tabloid Trash idea's been lying around for... ( :icontabloidtrashoct: ) Seriously, if I'm doing something with it, might as well update the aesthetics a little.)

So, I'll try to update here with some new(er) pieces, possibly with some of my animations and videos from my classes if I can manage it. I'm not going to let this place rot without me!


Uh... Yeah
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
You can call me Zoe, Zee, the other Zee, That Polonius Guy, That One Kid, You Know The One, and Fezcakes.
If you come up with anything else, that's cool too.

I'm trying to figure out life at the moment, so don't mind the lapses in art at times.

I'm a bit shy with talking to folks, but I won't bite. Feel free to message me!


Number One Real Estate Agent by ZeeDiKay
Number One Real Estate Agent
I've been making a lot of art that I still haven't offically posted online yet (or at least on DA), but I wanted to at least have this on here.
So enjoy a humanization of a middle-aged, cannibalistic dragon real estate agent! It was a bit of a challenge to make someone look older, but I think I did well.
Fish Dictator, or Fishtator by ZeeDiKay
Fish Dictator, or Fishtator
Just a little preview of a character I want to flesh out more for a certain death-related tournament. There's got to be room for a fish-man in the afterlife, right?
AATR: The Artist Herself by ZeeDiKay
AATR: The Artist Herself
And finally, me. Well, a representation of me, but who's judging?

Additional Information:
•A recent college graduate with a degree in art, she's been having some issues finding stable employment.
•Has a bit of a sweet tooth... or more likely, a food mouth.
•Tends to mouth dialogue when not talking, or actually say things that have no relevance outside her mind sometimes.
•Is a little upset that she wasn't able to be paired up with any other character, but will make do...
•Warning: Might bite.

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